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Heart & Hands

Ronald Mack

Support for Northside ISD District #7 Candidate

My dear friend, Life Group member and all around great father, husband and grandfather, Kevin McEachirn, is running for District #7 representative for the Northside ISD Board of Trustees. Kevin is more than qualified to occupy this position of trust and commitment to the students of Northside ISD. He has an exceptional yearning for education as indicative by the degrees he has obtained and his drive to encourage students to achieve their educational goals. Please join me in supporting my friend in his endeavor to be a member of Northside ISD’s prestigious Board of Trustees. I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin for this!

Group Students Smilling

Jataun Wallace

For a Better Future

Community friends, I wanted to share and solicit your support for an upstanding individual and my former employee, Mr. Kevin McEachirn who is running for the NISD Board of Trustees District 7. He is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, man of God and has a passion for education. Please check out his website to learn more and if you’re in his district, vote

Kevin McEachirn!

Technology Class

Kevin Love-Pastor

Solid as a Rock

Any solid structure, must be built on a strong foundation; strong communities necessitate strong leadership. I can think of no better person to support our community by providing exceptional leadership for the Northside Independent School District, Board of Trustees than Kevin McEachirn. 

In the nearly 20 years that I’ve known Kevin, I can describe him with one word; solid! Kevin has been and is a loving and supportive husband, father, grandfather and friend. He has been an instrumental part of the church community through his leadership in Youth and Men’s Ministries. Kevin’s guidance and direction with scholarship committees demonstrates his passion for developing young minds and ensuring opportunities for future advancement and success.

Kevin has played a huge role in the success of a new church start. He served faithfully for seven years as a member of our Executive Council; providing insight on matters related to finances and vision for church growth. His can-do attitude and contagious enthusiasm combined with his remarkable background knowledge in group and community leadership makes him a solid NISD District 7 Candidate. KMAC has got your back!

Home School

Daryl Harris

Vote K Mac

I wholeheartedly and ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorse my friend Kevin McEachirn for the District 7 seat of the Northside Independent School District (NISD) governing board!
I and my family have known “K-Mc” and Anita, since we first arrived in San Antonio in 1999.  We initially met in church – at Sunday School.  It was hard to ignore the Deacon with the ever-ready smile and Barry White voice.  As that relationship developed, our families became fast friends.  He is clearly a devout Christian, but not off-putting or pious; rather it is based on his sincere belief of who he is …and “whose he is”.  He was then, and still is a true servant-leader, committed to his family, his church family, and by extension his community family.  We were both on active duty then and transitioned into civilian life at about that same time.  We often discussed how our respective plans were developing and encouraged each other as we wondered what the future held.  Kevin has continued to thrive in his second career, and it seems to me that he’s standing at another crossroad in life…. “how can I continue to serve this community and the families in it?”  I believe the answer to that question is what led him to seek this position on the NISD Board; having raised two children in this district, I’m glad he did.  
Ultimately, the decision on whom to support is up to each voter……but I encourage every voter in district 7 to get to know the school board, it’s issues, and get to know Kevin McEachirn.  When you do, I know you’ll vote to put K-Mc in charge!