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Mr. Kevin McEachirn retired here in San Antonio, after serving over twenty years (honorably) in the United States Air Force.  He and his family have been active supporters, parents, students, mentors, employees, educators, and also administrators within Northside Independent School District (NISD) for approximately 26 years. 

Mr. McEachirn has committed his life to the continuous process of learning and has earned numerous degrees during the journey.  He has completed Masters Degrees in the following disciplines: Health Care Management and Administration; Human Resource Management; Procurement and Acquisitions; Information Technology Management; and Business Administration.  He has also completed a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education and a plethora of Associate Degrees in relating fields of study.  As an Adjunct Professor at Wayland Baptist University, he teaches the following classes: Theory and Practice of Supervision; Small Business Management; Human Resource Management; Principles of Management; Structure and Process Development; Organizational Behavior; and Servant Leadership. His plans to complete a PhD in Education are in-progress.

Mr. McEachirn has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to service towards his community, nation, and most of all mankind.  He was awarded the Air Force Volunteer Excellence Award, one of the highest recognitions afforded to federal civilians, family members, and military and federal retirees who perform outstanding volunteer community service of a sustained, direct, and consequential nature.  He continues to serve as a coordinator, liaison, advocator, and director for various programs designed to help seniors, youth, and outreach initiatives.

Mr. McEachirn and his family are continuous supporters of NISD. He was previously a part of O’Connor Parent Teacher Association, Band Boosters, and 4H-FFA programs. He was selected by name to function as the parent representative to the O’Connor High School Teacher Advisory board. This board helped to establish innovative changes and improvements to all levels of student curriculum designed to enhance student performance.  In addition, he had the privilege to represent Helotes and the surrounding district as one of two committee members selected in the district to participate in the development of the 2007 ($692.67 million) and 2010 ($535 million) School Bond Initiatives, which were ultimately supported and passed. His committee developed taxpayer’s cost saving initiatives while simultaneously creating a much needed proposal to support the construction of more than 11 new schools, including numerous improvements and additions to existing schools at one of the lowest costs in over 10 years.  He also served as a member of the NISD Strategic Planning Committee.  NISD has maintained a spectacular success rate as an institution committed towards meeting the needs of each student, parent, educator, and administrator in the district ~ and that is why Mr. McEachirn would like to become a partner of this effort, as the new District 7 representative.      

Mr. McEachirn has patterned his life’s mission around a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, “We are all destined for greatness, not fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”  Service towards the greater good of humankind is what he does best.