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As your elected Trustee ~ District 7,  “ you can count on me to represent everyone in our community.  I pledge to become the voice of our district ~ because everyone deserves the right to be heard and included in the process of establishing a collaborative learning environment for each student”.

School Bus

Human Resources

District 7, “You can count on me to represent every member of this esteemed institution of learning…. From the staff positions to the administrators ~ recognizing everyone as a ‘valued member’ of the team.  I strongly believe in Team NISD and promoting its vision towards achieving ‘Academic Excellence’ for all students.”



Parents in District 7.  “You can count on me to ‘bridge the gap’ towards establishing an effective balance between governance and constituency.  As your new Board of Trustee representative, you can expect a participatory, consensus-oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable, and inclusive  approach to leadership while simultaneously upholding local and state rules and regulations.”

Image by Jeffrey Hamilton


My ultimate purpose as Board of Trustee representative for District 7 is to advocate, procure, and sustain the highest level of equipment, facilities, personnel, and infrastructure available for the current and future students projected to reside in our district.

Crowd with Masks

Change Agent

District 7,  “You can count on me to provide expert and pragmatic leadership, as an experienced and transformative leader prepared to address ‘How We Successfully Move Forward’ in a safe and healthy process during this unfortunate pandemic.”



District 7, “ You can count on me!”  I pledge to represent our district as a staunch advocate and loudest drum major upholding all of the tentacles and fundamentals of public education, while ensuring the rights at all phases of learning are maintained and secured.”