Go Vote Flyers

Why Run?

To Represent Our Community

I'm totally invested in this city and especially District 7.  After retirement from the Air Force, we decided to permanently remain here without reservation or contemplation because we (the family) were convinced that District 7 was "one of the best neighborhoods" in the county, state, and nation to reside.

 I share a strong belief in the Democrat process and the rights and privileges this philosophy promises ~ holding steadfast to the oath that every "Elected Official" must commit to secure; "Representation by the people for the people."  As your Trustee, you can count on me to represent everyone equally and fairly. 

I share a strong belief that a safe and thriving community can only be achieved through active participants willing to take the time and make the effort to re-invest their skills, talents, and intellectual properties to benefit the whole.  I have fashioned my life's personal and professional goals around the mantra that "It takes a village to raise a child".  And I'm determined to ensure that all of our children receive every opportunity available to help them reach their fullest potential. 

 I share a strong belief that a "Leader" must lead by example.  As a responsible leader, I have proposed to "never" ask anyone, regardless of capacity or affiliation, to act or perform something that I wasn't also willing to act or perform myself. Education is a lifelong journey and should never stop.  It requires a solid foundation formulated by erecting pillars of inspiration, motivation, and support at every stage of learning.  I'm a lifelong student with an insatiable appetite for continuous learning.